eBook FAQs


What are eBooks?

eBooks are electronic versions of printed books -- you can read them online right away.


Do I have to check out eBooks?

No, once you select an eBook from the results list, you can begin reading online right away.


How long can I keep an eBook open?

To keep the eBook open, you will need to turn a page or click on the screen within 15 minutes. If you wait longer than 15 minutes, the eBook will close and you will need to find it again.


Can I copy text from eBooks or print the pages?

You can copy and print a limited amount of text from eBooks. Copyright laws do not allow you to copy or print the entire book.


There are several companies that provide eBooks; each company has different steps for printing and copying portions of eBooks. When you open a specific eBook, you may notice that you are on a different web site. Look for help using eBooks on that web site.


Here are some tips that may work for the eBook you are using.





See Searching for eBooks for more information on finding eBooks.