Lit Finder

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(Gale) - Includes access to three databases: Poem Finder, Story Finder, and Essay/Speech/Play Finder. Poem Finder is the largest, most comprehensive and most current poetry database available. It is international in scope, and covers poetry from antiquity to the present. It is a one-stop resource for locating over 4 1/2 million lines of poetry. Story Finder provides thousands of full-text short stories plus explanations, biographies, pictures and more. The database will be updated constantly with classic and contemporary stories. Speeches represent the finest examples of recorded oratory, covering the milestones of history as well as the minutiae of everyday life. Over 1,000 complete plays cover the range of dramatic expression from many countries, including one-act plays, puppet plays, Harlinquinades, tragedies, gothic, childrens, religious, romantic, historical, childrens and comedic plays.

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